Modern Quality Gravure Printing

World's Best Packaging Technologies We Have... We have modern Gravure Printing system. Our system is backed by high speed Automatic Printing machine .

Off Set Printing System

We are offering Quality Off set Printing System with high performance machines . offset printing machine is a front loading unit with unique dry compressor, side lay registration, no sheet detector.

Excellent Lamination (Solvent/Solvent less)

Choosing Laminate Structures A critical part of the flexible packaging process is the selection of the proper material for your product. Our technical support department can assist you when evaluating material options. In addition to in-house printing and converting, we also have the capability to laminate a variety of custom film structures.Solvent based lamination: Solvent based lamination in which an adhesive chemical applied to webs, two or more independent webs are joined together into a single web with the help of chemical. Solvent less lamination: where the adhesives used do not contain solvents. Solvent less adhesive generally indicates a specific type of adhesive composed by two components reacting with each other and consequently not requiring drying .

Automatic Slitting Machine

Our high speed and highh tech speed reel slitting equipment allows us to slit roll at the speed upto 400 meters per minute with accuracy as per customer specify width, meters per roll or kg’s per roll. We are able to: Easily meet high volume requirements
Our high speed accurate slitting is very cost effective

High Speed & Multi Layered Extrusion

Our state of the art extrusion technology and equipment allows us to produce multi-layered films of the highest quality, durability and strength. This, in combination with our expertise and experience, allow us to produce innovative products that are tailored to our customer’s needs.

High Speed Six Shuttle Looms

We have complete system of looms backed ny modern six shuttle technology . It is specially designed to make high quality tube Fabric from plastic . these can be widely used in Rice bags , cement bags and chemical bags etc..

Flexo Printing System

A flexographic (flexo) printer consists of multiple wheels that work in unison to pick up ink from an ink reservoir, deliver the ink to a printing die or plate, and roll the ink onto the material being marked.

High Speed Plastic Extrusion Tape Line

Direct drive motor and two stretching unit in tape stretching line application, with automatic adjustment of die and the thickness online measuring system, a high efficiency and energy saving, hand provides high strength, low Daniel yarn production regulation.

Auto Cutting Sewing Machine

Auto cutting service is available and it is very helpful in making accurate sizes of bags . There is no need of manual sewing program.


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